A few weeks ago I was fixing a bug in Android Studio and came across the “android:process” tag. (I work at Google on the Android Studio team.) I knew the tag allows you to specify the process the android component will run on. However a lot of the finer…

This is a series where I go through an open-source code base and comment on it’s usage/implementation as a learning exercise.

What’s Butter knife?

Butter knife removes boiler plate code for setting up Android view variables by setting them through annotations.

So instead of writing:

username = (EditText) findViewById(R.id.username)

You annotate the variable:

Been writing a lot of JS code late at work. Before I started my Codecademy I found JS code to be difficult to read given the oddities of the language. ES6 (ES2015) cleans up a lot of it and we can take advantage of the new features through babel compiler.

Kelvin Ma

Father/Engineer/(seldom)Gamer, website: http://kelvin.ma

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